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Are you looking to boost your search engine visibility and drive conversion rates? Let’s chat about how our SEO copywriting services can help your business in the online world.

Work with an content writing team that offers compelling and conversion focused content for visitors whilst following SEO best practice guidelines.

What We Do

Website content

We offer compelling content writing with SEO best practices.

Blog posts

We help you get seen in google via various content strategies.

Landing pages

Landing pages are a great way to drive organic leads and convert visitors.

SEO Copywriting Specialists

For some people, your website is their first impression of your business. Take a look at your current website. Do you like what you see? Do you love how you sound? Does your website content appeal to your visitor?

Your website needs to connect with your visitor and convert them into a lead and/or sale. There are still a huge amount of businesses slapping words onto a website and ticking the box. This is not only going to leave your site with a lack of conversion but also limit your search engine rankings.

We work with you to help change your content from underwhelming to conversion driven success stories. At Zel designs, we pride ourselves on producing engaging and targeted content to drive traffic and convert visitors.

As website content copywriters, we get to know you first! We focus on your brand, your voice, your target market and your industry. Why? So we can ensure your story is told your way. On top of this, we focus on targeted keywords that will produce results via strong research methods. In doing so, we create content that’s relevant, engaging and relatable for your target audience. So when you choose to invest in Zel Designs as your content writing agency you are choosing a successful content strategy.

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Our SEO Copywriting services include

— SEO Copywriting

— Keyword Analysis

— Competitor Analysis

— On Page Optimisation

— Website Content Creation 

— Blog post research

— Blog post creation

— Analytics & Reporting

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What is an SEO Copywriting service?

SEO copywriting combines SEO best practice elements (that drive traffic to your website) with engaging words that encourage visitors to take action. For example, SEO copywriting gently directs visitors to purchase a product, complete a contact form or subscribe to an email list.

A strong search engine optimisation copywriting campaign helps websites rank higher in search engine results. This is done through strategic keyword research, engaging content with search intent and user focus at the forefront of the copy.

In a nutshell, copywriting services are used to optimise web pages and get them to rank higher on the major search tools.

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SEO Copywriting Services

When you engage Zel Designs in SEO copywriting services you get more than just words. Our process includes data driven keyword research to provide high quality options for your website content.

Engaging in an SEO content writer you get more organic traffic and leads. The saying ‘Content is King’ is definately something we believe in!

Why invest in SEO content marketing services?

An SEO content strategy takes time, knowledge and experience to skyrocket your ranking and, in turn, generate leads and sales. If you are looking to nail your content for the best position in search engine results it is imperative you pick an expert SEO content strategist. SEO content marketing can be the difference between being found on page 10 or page 1 of search engine results.

Did you know that more than 75% of consumers never click past the first page?

With figures like that highlighting the importance of SEO content marketing, it is no wonder SEO copywriting is so important to a business.

SEO Statistics to back up our content:

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine (BrightEdge)

53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. (BrightEdge)

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge)

60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads. (HubSpot)

 For more SEO Statistics check out ahrefs.

Why is SEO Copywriting good for business?

Consumers trust Google and rely heavily on the platform to produce quality results. Not only that, consumers are using search platforms at a rate that exceeds the growth of organic social. Whilst we think there is a place for every marketing component, selecting the best plan for your business should always include a great SEO strategy. As part of this strategy, SEO content writing is one of the most important elements. Have you heard ‘content is king’ before?

Why choose Zel Designs as your SEO content writer?

We get to know you first. From your brand, your voice, your target market all the way through to your industry. This is so we can connect with you personally and ensure you are not just ‘another number’. Let’s face it, no one wants to work with unfriendly people they don’t get along with! On top of that, it is also so we can nail your SEO content making sure it is your story, told by you.

As for numbers and how it will affect your business, we only settle for exceptional ROI. Your growth strategy is carefully monitored to ensure all KPI’s are exceeded. As a small business ourselves, we know every dollar counts. So, we ensure your SEO content aligns with an overall strategy for success.


We have compiled frequently asked questions about SEO Content Writing Services and answered them for you.

Is a professional SEO copywriting service worth the investment?

In the SEO world, content is king. A good copywriter can create engaging and SEO friendly content that drives traffic to your site and converts visitors to clients, Additionally, words have the power to make or break a sale. What is the point of visitors on your website if you are not converting them. In our eyes, a good copywriter is definitely worth the investment.

Interested in content copywriting or SEO content writing services that can help your business grow online? Let’s chat about how our copywriting services can help you create a successful SEO campaign.

What is a SEO Copywriting service?

In a nutshell, a copywriting service is about creating text for marketing purposes with the sole aim being to seduce the reader into completing a task (buying, signing up etc). An SEO Copywriting services adds search intent and SEO best practices to basic copywriting services to drive organic search rankings as well as conversions. 

How much is an SEO Copywriter going to cost?

Like anything, prices vary due to expereince and ability. As recommended by the Clever Copywriting School, hourly rates can range from $70–$100 per hour for new and junior copywriters, $100–$150 per hour for mid-level copywriters and top level copywriter can demand $150–$200 per hour. 

What services does an SEO copywriter offer?

An SEO Copywriters skills vary to the standard copywriting services. With SEO in mind we offer:

  • Website content
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Content marketing

Standard copywriting services offer more options, for example company slogans and taglines, press releases and print marketing.

Is SEO the same as copywriting?

SEO copywriting is part of the bigger picture of SEO work. Being an SEO copywriter means you understand the SEO world AND the marketing strategies to help pursuade buyers to complete an action on your website. 

Why Does SEO Copywriting Matter To Ranking?

With the recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithm content is a huge factor. Nailing your ‘helpful content’ and positioning yourself as a leader in your field is a huge advantage for your search rankings. A good SEO Copywriter can help increase your websites exposure in search results. 

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