Online marketing and design resources.

In keeping with the theme of informing our customers we have listed a number of helpful online marketing and design resources below.

Being in the web design industry since 2012 we have collected some knowledge along the way! Throughout this time we have complied a list of ‘must haves’ for each web design and online marketing project, as well as handy sites that guide us in designs.

The following design resources are helpful websites for anyone looking to boost their online presence. Ranging from free to premium, be sure to check the rules of use for each product.

We also wrote an article on the various types of online marketing available. Be sure to check it out before you dive into your next campaign.

Image and Graphic Resources

The following lists are image and graphic resources that may assist you in your web design project. Some of these image and graphic resources are free. While others are a premium product. Be sure to check the requirements on each website.

Each resource has a unique target market. For example Styled Stock is a free image stock site with a feminine touch.

Stock Graphics

Graphic Design, Colour and Font Resources

In this section you will find helpful resources for graphic projects. Create or find inspiration for your colour palettes. Or find free and premium font types. Search through a huge amount of free fonts (and premium) from calligraphy, handwriting, script, serif and more. As mentioned prior, be sure to check the rules of use for each resource.

Color / Colour schemes

Digital Marketing Resource Tools

The following websites may assist you in your digital marketing campaigns. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional web designer ( or online marketer) these platforms and tools are a must! From free social media platforms to website analytics and more!

Also listed below is Google Business Profile. GBP is a great online marketing tool. To find out more check out our blog post about why we love and recommend GBP.

Social Media Platforms

Web Design Resources

The following list of design resources relate to websites and web design. From start to finish these resources will help you build and manage a website or understand the requirements of a website.
We are a lover of WordPress, listed below in the ‘Website Platform’ category. To find out more about our thoughts on WordPress you can check out our blog post.

Website Platforms

Content management systems



E-commerce website platforms



Woo commerce (wordpress) 

Website technical resources

Hosting and domain names


Site Ground

Crazy Domains

Website Speed and Performance

Google PageSpeed Insights


Google Search Console


In summary, there is a vast amount of resources online for any design project. While some are free, others are a premium option, but usually well worth it!

The main thing is there are plenty of options for you to get online and in front of your clients. Finding the right balance and where to focus your time and energy can be a fine art. One we love to be involved with.

If you would like more guidance with your next online marketing campaign or have someone get your business online contact us to discuss further.

We would love to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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