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Whether you are looking for a new shopify website, a redesign of your exisitng site or a adhoc help and advice, we have you covered!

What we do

New Shopify websites

We create functional and aesthetically pleasing Shopify websites.

Shopify redesign

Using your existing Shopify website, we can redesign for optimal conversions

Shopify Maintenance

We offer Shopify maintennce to new and exisiting clients

Your Expert Shopify web designer

Shopify is a strong and flexible online store builder that allows business owners to increase conversions and sales. As Shopify experts we pride ourselves on helping small, medium and large businesses get their store online and booming. At Zel Designs, we offer a full scale service on Shopify web design, development and maintenance. Additonally, we offer adhoc help and assistence to support you as you grow.

Our aim is to get your business online and help you grow your store. We offer services for the complete online store experience for your business. As part of our services we offer on-going Shopify website maintenance and support.

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Why we recommend Shopify websites

To be honest, Shopify was not in our top ecommerce choices. That was until their recent update. In 2021, Shopify released their new functions via Shopify 2.0! And boy is it a game changer!

Shopify is a web-based Ecommerce platform that makes it simple to set-up and manage an online shop. It is perfect for any size business. With Shopify you can manage inventory, track order status, create pages and blogs, analyse data, manage customers and more. The name Shopify has quickly become synonymous with ecommerce.

Shopify provides advanced functionality by offering a plugin style platform that allows you to customise your site. Besides the features to enhance sales and social media promotion, it also offers inventory management, accounting and reporting. It is a secure platform allowing store owners to manage orders and have peace of mind with their website security.

Shopify Web Design Central Coast

Getting your store online can be daunting. There is much information on Google and there are plenty of contradictions.

To understand more about the pros and cons of Shopify check out our blog post on ‘Is Shopify Right for my business?’.

Why choose us as your Shopify Expert?

We offer a complete package in creating your online store. We create a responsive ecommerce store that is not only on-brand and beautiful but powerful in converting your visitors into customers. As part of our package we set up your Shopify account for you and take care of all the technical stuff. This way you can focus on your products and services while we get your business online! From concept to completion, we provide solid advice, designs, features and functions to your business and online store. This is the perfect option if you are a new business or have an existing store that you want to move to the Shopify platform.

Already have a Shopify Website?

Looking to make changes to an existing website? We have got your back! As an added service, we provide alterations and Shopify redesign to existing sites. Additionally, we offer expert help, conversion advice and SEO services to build your online presence.

As a Central Coast Shopify web design agency we take great pleasure in getting your business online. Not only that, we optimise the site to drive sales and boost your revenue.

Central Coast Shopify Support

We are Central Coast Shopify experts and get a buzz out of helping businesses online. Our support plans are not just for our existing customers. If you created your own Shopify store and need help we would love to get to know you. We pride ourselves on allowing our clients to focus less on their Shopify store and more on their business.

An ecommerce site is not a ‘set and forget’ type gig. With the constant changing of the technical landscape, your online store should move with the times. This will allow you to stay at the forefront of your industry and keep up with new features that will help your business.

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We have compiled frequently asked questions about Shopify websites and answered them for you.

What is shopify?

Shopify is an all in one e-commerce platform that makes it easy for businesses to build, grow and maintain an online store. Shopify is a cloud based platform which means you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. With the added positive of the platform taking care of server and software upgrades and maintenance. It gives businesses the flexibility to create an online store with ease. Shopify allows businesses to manage products, inventory, payments and shipping with a monthly subscription. 

Is shopify customisable?

Yes, Shopify is customisble. With Shopify 2.0 you can now add sections onto any page. When selecting a theme for your new Shopify website make sure you check it is compatible with Shopify 2.0.

Can I use my own domain in shopify?

Yes! Shopify offers a URL when you sign up but this is not professional. You can either purchase a custom domain via Shopify or your own third party provider.

Can I pay someone to set up my Shopify store?

Yes, you can hire a Shopify expert or developer to build and design your store for you. We offer this service to our new and existing clients. 

How can I find a Central Coast Shopify expert?

Zel Designs is a Central Coast shopify expert agency. With a passion for getting businesses online and succeeding with Shopify, your business is in good hands. As a Central Coast Shopify Expert we pride ourselves on providng you expert solutions and advice.

Should I hire someone to build my Shopify store?

Shopify stores are easy to build, however, if you don’t have time or prefer to focus on your products, you can always hire someone. A Shopify expert can help you to develop and set up your online store. The benefits of having a Shopify expert create your online store is the extended free period. You will not get the 14 day free trial but you will not be charged until the store is online and ready.

How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?

The cost of building a fully functional store depends on various factors. For example, number of products, design, function requirements, etc. Whilst the price varies, a Shopify expert can bring value in time, expertise and experience.

Ready to take your Shopify store to the next level?

As Shopify Experts, we can help you soar to new heights! We specialise in Shopify web design and development.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help with your Shopify website.