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Whether you are looking for a new WordPress ecommerce web design, a redesign of your existing site or a adhoc help and advice, we have you covered!

What We Do

New WordPress ecommerce websites

We create functional and aesthetically pleasing WordPress ecommerce websites.

Redesign WordPress website

Using your existing WordPress website, we can redesign for optimal conversions.

WordPress Maintenance

We offer WordPress and WooCommerce maintennce to new and exisiting clients

WordPress Ecommerce Web Design Services

As WordPress experts we pride ourselves on helping small, medium and large businesses get their store online and booming. At Zel Designs, we offer a full scale service on WordPress ecommerce web design, development and maintenance. Additonally, we offer adhoc help and assistence to support you as you grow.

Our aim is to build you a successful online store and help you grow your business. We offer services for the complete online store experience for your business.

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WordPress Ecommerce web design

Your Wordpress e-commerce web design agency

Zel Designs is a WordPress website design and development agency providing quality e-commerce options to small to medium businesses. We provide WordPress e-commerce website design and development services to small to medium businesses via Woo Commerce. Woo Commerce is becoming increasingly popular due to its flawless integration with WordPress. With a mix of free and premium extensions, Woo Commerce is an ideal platform to get your store online.

What is WooCommerce

Woo Commerce is a customisable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. It is the ‘go-to’ plugin to transform a WordPress website into a fully functioning eCommerce store. Woo Commerce is a versatile plugin and one of the most customisable Ecommerce platforms available. Not only that, it is FREE! Now, there are premium options to boost your online store but out of the box it is pretty special.

Why choose us as your Woo Commerce Expert?

Any e-commerce website requires a strategic approach to design, development and SEO. As WordPress experts we have the knowledge, experience and tools to create a conversion driven online store. We are passionate about digital marketing and creating online success stories. Will you be our next Woo Commerce success story?

Already have a Woo Commerce Website?

Looking to make changes to an existing Woo Commerce website? We have got your back! As an added service, we provide alterations and Woo Commerce redesign to existing sites. Additionally, we offer expert help, conversion advice and SEO services to build your online presence.

As a Central Coast WordPress ecommerce web design agency we take great pleasure in getting your business online. Not only that, we optimise the site to drive sales and boost your revenue.

Is Woo Commerce right for my business?

We believe in selecting the right tools for the right job. This means finding out more about you and your business to decide if Woo Commerce is right for you.

We love WordPress but sometimes there are alternative platforms that suit businesses better (for example Shopify). So with this in mind, we always analyse a project to ensure the right platform is selected for the project.

Why we recommend WordPress E-commerce websites

There are various reasons Woo Commerce would be the best option for your online store. The following reasons are why we think Woo Commerce is amazing:

  • Secure payment portals
  • Mobile friendly designs
  • Highly customizable
  • Greater SEO control with Wordpress
  • Open Source plugin
  • Huge online support
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We have compiled frequently asked questions about WordPress ecommerce web design and answered them for you.

What is Woo Commerce?

Woo Commerce is an Open Source plugin for WordPress websites. It allows a WordPress website to become an online store. The best part, the plug-in is free!

How much does Woo Commerce website Cost?

Woo Commerce is a free WordPress plugin you can add to your WordPress site. That being said, to have a WordPress website you need to have hosting and a domain name. Depending on your requirements and size you may need to add some premium options that Woo Commerce offer. While these are not necessary to run your online store there are plenty of handy options available to help your online processes.

Can I design a Woo Commerce website myself?

With a little bit of tech knowledge you sure can. As Woo Commerce is an open source plugin, anyone can install and use Woo Commerce on their WordPress website. However, it’s important to keep in mind your valuable time and effort that could be spent on your products or other areas of your business. The expertise that a Woo Commerce expert can bring to a website is invaluable.

Can I create an ecommerce website with WordPress?

You sure can! With the Woo Commerce plugin, it is easy to turn your WordPress website into an online store. Out of the box, Woo Commerce is an amazing asset for your website. Additionally, Woo Commerce offers premium plugins to boost your online store.

Do I need to pay to use Woo Commerce?

The Woo Commerce plugin is free to install and use. You can set up your online store for free, however, you do need to have basic elements like a theme, hosting and domain name. Woo Commerce also offers premium plugins to enhance your online store.

Does Woo Commerce charge any fees on transactions?

No, Woo Commerce does not charge any fees. In saying that, the payment gateways you use will charge a certain percentage of fees per transaction. (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

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