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In this day and age the term ‘just Google it’ is used more than ‘what’s the time?’! Don’t have a website? We have complied our top 8 Reasons you need a website now.

So, if you are looking at building your business, generating leads and getting your product or service in front of a huge audience, a website is the way to go!

A good website not only shows your prospective customers you are professional, but also has the ability to showcase your brand in the way you want it to be seen.

Here are 8 reasons YOU need a website.

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1. Websites increase your business credibility.

Most people these days are savvy shoppers and like to research before they buy or engage in a service. This is where having a professional website will come in handy. A website will assist in showcasing your professionalism, history and level of service. On top of this, having a .com.au domain is another way to show credibility as you are required to have an Australian Business number for this.

2. Websites improve lead generation

A well optimised website can help your business rank well in a variety of search terms. Focusing on SEO will place your website in front of prospective customers who are keen and ready to purchase or engage in your service.

3. When you create a professional website You OWN it.

This means you can do whatever you want to it and no one can take it away from you. (Just remember to keep backups and maintain the website for security). Some businesses rely on social media platforms for promoting and building their business. This is a great option that should work side-by-side with your website. You have zero control if the social platform decides to shut down. Whilst it is unlikely for facebook and instagram to shutdown, they have been known to go down at different times. Plus you never know if they will decide to remove business pages in the future or start to charge a fee.

4. You have control of the content that goes onto your website.

A website is a great tool to showcase your best reviews and products / work. On top of this, it is great to answer popular questions your clients or prospective client may have about your products or services. You can select your best images and content. Your website can grow as your business grows.

5. You can sell your products and services on your website!

There are various ecommerce platforms for you to sell your business products or services to the world. We use WordPress and LOVE LOVE LOVE the freedom and options available with the platform. Not only can you sell online, you can manage stock and keep track of almost any analytic you can think of (much easier than tracking foot traffic in a physical store)

6. Having a website increases your businesses visibility.

Getting online can increase your lead generation and get your product or service in front of HUGE audiences searching for what you offer.

7. A website can vary in price but doesn’t have to break the bank.

We offer various website packages to our customers to allow for all budgets. If for some reason our packages are not within your budget you can build your own website using various platforms. Just keep in mind these types of websites can be limited in design options and seo. They can also add up once you add different features.

8. Get in front of the competition:

A great website and SEO strategy can give you the competitive edge online.


In short, getting a professional website is one of the best investments any business can make for its future. Like all good things, websites are an investment but don’t need to break the bank. Whilst we recommend finding a great website designer that offers various website packages (like us), you can also create a site yourself. Adding SEO is the next step to building a successful business online and being seen by a larger audience. For more information on SEO check out our recent post to build your online presence.

While there are plenty of reasons why you should have a website, these are our top 8 reasons why you need a website. If this article has convinced you, we would love to hear from you – Let’s chat.

Think you can add to our 8 reasons you need a website? Let us know what you think we should add to this list!

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