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In today’s digital marketing world, your website is home base for all of your online marketing goals. Whether it be your social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or your email marketing, the destination is your website. It is where you can convert your viewers and followers into customers. A website done well will become your number 1, 24/7 sales member. That being said, sometimes our website needs a little improvement. Wondering how to improve your website?

We know in the small business world your budget doesn’t always extend to having copious amounts to splash on constant updates. So, we have put together a little list of how to improve your website yourself. Or at the very least focus on, for updates with a web design or development team. 

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Make your website mobile friendly / responsive

What is a responsive website? A responsive web design refers to the development of a website that takes into account the device the viewer is using to view the site. The website automatically adjusts the design to suit the device giving an optional experience regardless of the device (aka the site responds to the device)

*We have written more about responsive websites in another post on our blog. If you want to know more about responsive websites check it out, or contact us.

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Page speed

The speed of your website is 100% the biggest contributor to your online success, Nobody hangs around to wait for a slow website to load. Nobody! It doesn’t matter how important your content is, or how successful your advertisement was in getting people to your site. If your website is too slow, people will 100% leave.

Google Page Speed is a free testing tool that gives you insight into why your website is slow and what you need to change or work on to make it faster. It is an invaluable tool that will assist you in building a fast successful website.

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Use high quality images

This is one of the most important on-page elements of a website. The visual aspect can pack a punch or leave your visitor feeling underwhelmed. High quality, clear and relevant imagery is a must for any website.

Images will always enhance your website, instantly making your site more interesting. They also break up large amounts of content and assist in SEO.

On top of this, high quality images help sell your product or service. They help you build trust with your viewers giving them a visual of your product or service. All of these influence a visitor into purchasing. So, high quality images help convert!

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Use ‘white spaces’ (aka blank spaces)

White space refers to the sections of your website that are left empty on purpose. They don’t have to be white, either!

Whilst the old ‘blank space is taking up valuable real estate on the website’ was a standard idea in the design world, it is quickly becoming one of the most effective design elements in today’s design tool kit.

As a design element, white spaces can transform your website. They not only increase your content visibility but also make it easier for users to comprehend the important information on your website. On top of this, they also second as content dividers and help users navigate through your site.

Everyone wants a simple uncluttered website that converts views to customers. White spaces help achieve this by giving your site design balance and allows for a smooth transition to new content. 

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Simple navigation

A simple navigation will allow your visitors to flow through your website smoothly and quickly. This will allow your visitors to access the information they need and help convert them to customers.

Limiting large and confusing navigation will help direct your viewers and minimize them becoming overwhelmed. Keeping your options short and logical will also assist in a positive viewer experience. 

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Call to action

A call to action will improve your website conversion. By giving your visitors a clear and concise directive you will increase your conversion rates. This is because you are minimizing the viewer from getting distracted or leaving the site. There are various call to actions including:

  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Join us
  • Get started
  • Let’s chat (this is our one!)

Essentially, a call to action is a sign for your customers to know what action to take next. Be clear and make sure it is inline with your online goals.

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Content writing

Don’t overwhelm visitors with unnecessary information. Be clear and concise with the messaging and content added to your website. Furthermore, make sure your content is directing your visitors to achieve your online goals. 

A well written website can convert your viewers into customers. By focusing on your customer, their goals and problems, your content can assist in forming a connection with your viewers. It can also help build trust.

Additionally, your website performance can improve with SEO copywriting tactics in place. These tactics focus on certain keywords in which the content will be based. For example, this article may focus on the search term ‘How can I improve my website?’. So all of the page content is based around this key phrase. By doing this, it can assist your rankings in search engines.

So, copy writing can not only assist in converting your viewers but also drive traffic to your website by ranking in Google.


So, in short, your website can be improved in a variety of different ways. Focusing on any of the above options (and nailing them) will give your website a HUGE boost in performance and conversion. Whilst these may be daunting tasks or out of your skills set they are certainly focal points to have your web designer work towards. Don’t have a web designer? We would love to work with you and improve your website! Contact us to find out how we can improve your website within your budget.

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